Wine Tourism

The IN.VINO PRIORLUCAS presents through the Cellar a set of different valences and differentiating. There are several spaces, some multi-purpose, that allow the implementation of various types of cultural events, social and leisure activities. For a meeting of company, for congresses and presentations, for a chat with friends and family, for visits to schools ... or for a simple visit, a sightseeing tour, a different environment.

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In 2018 we created a tour of our vineyards. The objective is to know the reality of this area, with very small parcels of vineyard. The landscape does not is nothing monotonous, since the whole of the old, century-old, and modern vineyards build a unique patchwork.

With a maximum length of 10km, the circuit has several variants that can be done on foot, by mountain bike or Jeep.

Minimum of 4 people.

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